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 Aesthetic / Cosmetic Dentistry

Your smile is the first thing people notice about you!!! It instantly portrays your personality, self-confidence, joy and vitality

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has revealed a scientific research result stating that:
• 99.7% international respondents (various nationalities) believe that a smile is an important social asset;
• 96% respondents adults believe that an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex;
• 74%, a majority of adults think that an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chances for career success.

Aesthetic Dentistry, as the name suggests, tries to integrate dental treatment and the concept of improving the overall look of your (teeth) smile; which is an outcome of your teeth shape, colour, and alignment with respect to each other and the surrounding structures like your gums and lips! Aesthetic dentistry or Cosmetic dentistry aims to give a person the perfect smile through a multi-functional approach that fully integrates health, beauty, comfort and function. A beautiful smile must go beyond mere cosmetics and should be based on good gum and bone support and proper jaw movement. What good is an attractive smile if the underlying teeth and gums are not healthy, if you have pain when you eat, or if the chewing system destroys what has just been cosmetically improved?
Aesthetic dentistry involves a few important treatment options. To know more read on.


Smile Designing (Smile Makeover)

A smile makeover is the process of improving the appearance of the smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as dental veneers, composite bonding, dental implants and teeth whitening, and gum contouring. Essentially, a smile makeover is something that you choose to have performed, while a full mouth reconstruction is something that you need to have performed.
A newly designed smile is truly a work of art. The term "smile design" applies to the enhancement of a smile using a combination of methods. A patient's eyes, lipline, coloring, gum tissue contouring and face are all considered when a new smile is being designed. Our goal is to redesign your smile so that it suits you, is beautiful, strong and natural-looking. We will create a smile especially for you that will make you smile for years to come.

 The various considerations while designing a smile are:
Symmetry - Symmetry around the centerline of our face is of great importance for an aesthetically pleasing smile. Even when this is not 100% possible, the illusion of symmetry should be created. The front two upper central incisors should be symmetrical in size, length and shape.



Horizontal Alignment - Ideally the smile line should be aligned so it is parallel to the horizontal.



Smile Line - The edges of your upper teeth should be parallel to the lower lip when you smile.



Gum Line - The gum line connects the highest points of the gum levels of the upper teeth. Ideally this line should follow the line of the upper lip, to ensure minimum gum exposure and optimum display of the teeth on smiling.



Smile Width - With a narrow smile the side teeth are often in shadow. A wider smile allows one to see the ideal progression from the front to the back teeth, this is more attractive!



Golden Proportion - The rule of Golden Proportion describes an ideal ratio of the visible widths of the front six teeth.



Tooth Proportion - These are the guidelines for the ideal proportions of each tooth to achieve a beautiful smile. 100% height and 75% in width



Embrasures - Embrasures are the small triangular spaces between the tips of the teeth. These are artistically created by the ceramist and dentist to ensure a natural look.



Lips - Lips are to teeth as a frame is to a picture! The shape, fullness and symmetry of your lips can be optimized for the ideal smile.



Cosmetic Recontouring

If you have jagged edged teeth, consider cosmetic recontouring—a simple and painless cosmetic dental technique that reshapes your teeth. Because the nerve—or pulp—resides in the middle of your tooth, you won’t feel the probing of your cosmetic dentist’s tools.

Who can get contouring? If you have healthy but uneven teeth, talk to your cosmetic dentist about your contouring needs.

All that happens in your contouring visit is your cosmetic dentist taking away a bit of your teeth, sanding down the jagged edges.
In some cases, your cosmetic dentist will feel it’s best to combine contouring with a couple of veneers to even out your smile even further.
Pros and Cons of Contouring
- Fast
- Minor work
- Preserves your own tooth structure
- Inexpensive
- Irreversible


Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a procedure which removes stains and discoloration within the teeth and brightens the teeth. This discoloration of the teeth may be due to food or beverages such as coffee, tea, cola, wine or highly discolored food; stains due to medications such as tetracycline or minocycline; stains due to smoking or paan eating; or, yellowing due to the natural aging.
The level of whiteness that can be achieved depends on the level of discoloration of the teeth. There are 2 ways to whiten your teeth, either by take-home kit or in-office whitening.
Take-home kit requires the use of bleaching trays custom-made for an individual. It involves putting these trays in your mouth with whitening gel for about 6 – 7 hours every night for at least 1 week (before any significant results are visible).
In-office whitening involves the activation of the whitening gel placed on your teeth with a special light source for about an hour. Most teeth would lighten up noticeably about 7-10 shades at the end of session. Stains disappear without affecting the structure of the teeth. Ideal for the busy people!
The long-term effect of the treatment varies from one person to another. Clearly, certain habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, tea and wine, or neglect of regular cleansing could once again quicken the darkening process of the teeth.
Assuming regular care is provided (including dental check-ups), teeth can remain white for as long as 1-3 years.

Porcelain laminates/ veneers

Porcelain veneers are the perfect option for anybody that would like to transform their smile and give themselves the white, straight teeth they have always wanted. It is a rapid, aesthetic and safe way to correct unattractive front teeth.
Cosmetic dentistry offers many solutions to improve the aesthetics of your smile, but few compare to porcelain veneers for ease and beauty.
Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made shells of porcelain that fit over the front of your teeth, transforming your smile. These veneers are chemically bonded to the reconstructed cutting edge of the natural tooth. With this technique relatively little of the natural tooth substance is lost. The layers of translucent, all-ceramic porcelain allow light to shine through giving the appearance of brighter, natural-looking teeth.
The result is a complete mouth make-over, providing a new smile and new found confidence!
Dental veneers can fix a host of aesthetic problems including:
• Chipped Teeth
• Discolored Teeth
• Crooked Teeth
• Misshapen Teeth
• Gaps between Teeth
• Cracked Teeth
• Worn Teeth
• Broken Teeth
Porcelain veneers are stain resistant and are well tolerated by the gums.

Composite Laminates / Veneers

Dental veneers can be made from porcelain or from resin composite materials. Porcelain veneers resist stains better than resin veneers and better mimic the light reflecting properties of natural teeth. But Resin veneers are thinner and require removal of less of the tooth surface before placement. Composite veneers are also more economical and have the advantage of being completed in a single sitting itself as they can be applied directly over the tooth & shaped accordingly. But composite veneers are also accompanied by problems with durability as compared to porcelain veneers.



Tooth Jewellery

The beauty of a dazzling white smile can be further enhanced by the use of “Tooth Jewellery”. These “jewels” are made of crystal glass and are available in two different colors- crystal and sapphire blue. They are glued or stuck to the front surfaces of the upper anterior teeth. Placing these stones is a very brief procedure but it goes a long way in satisfying the dental cosmetic needs of the patient.
Sticking of the tooth “jewels” is a harmless procedure for your teeth. It can be stuck on a surface of your tooth without affecting the integrity of enamel i.e. without any preparation. It can be fixed on a place of an enamel pit, pigmented spot, or as a mixture of photopolymeric fillings and so on. The procedure is absolutely painless and takes only 10-20 minutes. As it has no sharp edges, it does not hurt your lips. If you want to take it off in the future, it can be done very quickly, without pain and disturbance of the integrity of your tooth. Taking care of the tooth jewellery involves nothing more than regular brushing habits.

Gum procedures

Healthy and even gumlines are essential to any beautiful smile. Attractive gums complement and frame your teeth, making your smile look healthier and more attractive. If your gums are red and swollen or if your teeth look too small or too short because of the disproportionate size relationship between your teeth and gums, then gum contouring may be the solution for yo .Gum contouring can give you the consistent, even gumline you need for a healthy and attractive smile.


Various treatment options for attaining an aesthetic gum - teeth harmony are done at our speciality dental clinic viz.

          • Gingival Depigmentation
          • Gingivoplasty / Gingivectomy
          • Gummy Smile Treatment
          • Crown Lengthening
          • Gingival Recession Treatment


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