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  Dental Implants (Replacing Of Lost Teeth)

Conventional Dental Implants

Dental Implants are an integral part of an oral rehabilitation treatment in the modern world. We use the best of dental implants technology to make your implants treatment a success. This dental treatment involves the placing of implants under the gums, inside of the jaw bone. The implants become firmly fixed as the bone continues to grow around the implants (osseointegration). After a period of time given for healing, the implants are exposed and abutments are inserted into the implants to secure new teeth. At the end of this process, replacement teeth are fitted into your mouth.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single lost tooth, a number of missing teeth or a complete edentulous jaw (i.e. all teeth missing situations). Implant supported replacement teeth look, feel and function like natural teeth. They preserve the integrity of the facial structure and improve the look and function of a jaw.

Dental Implants are a sturdier and longer-lasting alternative for people who are missing multiple teeth and who have sufficient bone density to support them. No tooth replacement option quite compares with dental implants. The success rate of dental implant treatment is quite high

The dental implants treatment has the advantage of

  • Not harming the teeth adjacent to the edentulous tooth space (as in case of a Bridge)
  •  Transmitting the functional forces of chewing to the bone so as to keep the bone healthy throughout the lifetime
  • Coming as close to natural as possible for the replacement of the missing tooth as humanly possible in the present times
  • Maintaining the natural esthetics of the tooth as well as the surrounding bone & gums. (especially beneficial for replacement of missing front teeth)
  • Implants can stabilize dentures as well
  • Implants can improve facial appearance as well as dental function such as biting and chewing.

Immediate Implants

Due to implant material, techniques and technological developments, the completion time for conventional dental implants has now been cut short from 4 - 6 months to 2 months. In cases where bone condition and density are favorable, dental implants can be placed immediately after the extraction of the tooth on the same day itself especially in case of the single rooted tooth replacement viz. incisors, canines & premolars. In some situations even the molars can be replaced on the day of the extraction.
Such techniques are referred to as Immediate Implants, One-Day Implants, Single Day Implants or Same Day Implants. This means that the patient have new tooth roots upon leaving the office.

Immediate Loading Implants

In addition, for certain cases, permanent or temporary prosthetics may be loaded immediately during the same treatment visit when the dental implants are surgically placed. This is known as Immediate Loaded Implants. The immediate loading of dental implants shortens the treatment time and makes it possible to give the patient an esthetic appearance during the whole treatment period. The procedure is easy and very efficient. In one appointment only the implant surgery is performed and a provisional crown is placed. Patient discomfort is much reduced due to the less invasive procedure. This procedure can be carried out depending on the amount of torque generated while placing the implant into the jaw bone.

The concept of immediate use of dental implants (immediate loading) for fabrication of teeth eliminates the emotional stigma as it makes it possible to give the patient an esthetic appearance during the whole treatment period. It also eliminates the need for a second surgical procedure. The success rate is the same as conventional two surgery implant therapy. In most cases this advanced technique may be used the very same day that the necessary tooth or teeth are removed, thereby decreasing the healing time to as little as six weeks instead of the usual 3 to 6 months or longer.
The Nobel Biocare Replace Select Taper implant system being used in our dental office is designed to enable us to carry out this procedure with complete satisfaction & predictable results.


Implant Supported Crowns & Bridges

In situations with multiple missing teeth in a single span being present, a conventional bridge like prosthesis can be used over 2 or more implants to replace the missing teeth. The prosthesis can either be cemented onto the implant abutments or can be a screw-retained type.


Implant Supported Overdentures (Complete Dentures)

This refers to the dentures stabilized by implants. It involves the placement of the implants with a ball or locator or bar types of prosthetic attachments which acts as clips that enables the overdentures to snap securely in place. These attachments help in providing additional retention and stability to the removable dentures especially in situations with compromised jaw bone levels or where money is a constraint.


Fixed Screw Retained Implant Hybrid Denture


The Benefits of Full Arch Implants with Overdentures are

  • Denture stablized with implants
  • Possible to use existing dentures
  • Removable
  • Simple and Inexpensive
  • Offers a long-lasting solution, often for life
  • Renewed confidence and improved quality of life as well

The number of implants required for an overdenture may vary from 2 – 4 implants per arch.


Full mouth rehabilitation( All-On-4 technique )

All-On-4 Implants Technique for edentulous patients involves the placement of a PIB / hybrid prosthesis for the whole upper or lower jaw resting on just 4 implants per jaw placed at particular angles. It involves special prosthetic options being utilized to make the dissipation of the chewing forces favorable to the jaw bone. The technique is reliable with good success rate and is an economical way of replacing an edentulous jaw as compared to a conventional implant placement technique which would require at least 8 implants for the upper jaw and 6 implants for the lower jaw replacement. It is especially useful as an alternative when the critical structures of the face limit the use of just conventional placement of implants and advanced bone grafting procedures are indicated.

This technique is limited to only the Nobel Biocare Implant Systems as is being used in our dental offices.

    • Different case scenarios
    • Nobel Biocare Implants

Nobel Biocare Implants are the leading implant system in the world. This was the company which first formed the dental implants as is being used today. They have still retained the edge in providing a wide array of prosthetic options for treating various edentulous situations. They have various techniques just limited to their system usage such as

  • All-On-4 technique
  • Zygoma implants
  • Teeth-in-an-Hour

The dental implants of Nobel Biocare have a patented Ti Unite surface which promotes better and faster osseointegration than the dental implants of many other implant systems worldwide.
Our dental clinics provide you with all these options as well by utilizing the Nobel Biocare Replace Select Taper and Nobel Biocare Replace Groovy systems. The Nobel Biocare Company gives a 10 year Global Warranty on their implants.


Biohorizons Implants

Biohorizons Implant System is a renowned system being used extensively all around the globe. It is a United States based company having a network globally. The implants can be used in a variety of edentulous situations. The BioHorizons Maestro system has been extensively used in our dental office with predictable & excellent results. The BioHorizons implant systems have a Life time Warranty on their implants being used.

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